We are PROUD sponsors of Loved By Many Inc., a non profit program that provides the luxury of Life Coaching to our young adult LGBT community in need. When you make a purchase, you support with us their important mission of promoting self love, leadership and recovery. Click to learn more.

thyThe issues facing the LGBT population are not new, although even today; a lot of our young people are still regularly bullied, publicly shamed, and left feeling isolated and alone.  These feelings can lead to poor choices, drug and alcohol abuse, hopelessness, homelessness, and depression.  Having someone to talk with is very important, although having someone to talk to who can provide specific guidance in how to shift mindset and gain confidence is absolutely crucial in making positive changes but the luxury of this kind of coaching isn’t something our young people can afford.

Loved By Many, Inc. strives to solve the problem of access by providing life enhancing individual coaching and interactive workshops directly to the community;  And when you make a purchase you help support Loved By Many’s mission of promoting self love, leadership and recovery to those who need it most.

Click here to learn even more about how your purchase will make a significant difference in the lives of our young people.

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